What Is Mo Shaikh, a Dog Breeder and Founder of FrenchBabyBullz, up to These Days

It has been years since Mo Shaikh entered the business world after a remarkable transformation from an employee to an entrepreneur. He was only 19 years old when he started working in a cellular retail shop after making the crucial decision to skip college education. The decision totally worked in Mo’s favor as he, in the next five years, ushered in a person with huge potential yet to be revealed.

Since the day he took charge of that cellular store, not a single day passed without him being a rudderless entrepreneur. Mo always had something up his sleeve. He had an entire roadmap created for the future of his cellular business, Cell ER. In the five years since he bought the first store with his own savings, he purchased more than 10 in different locations, symbolizing his pace and preparedness for triumphing in the industry.

“Cell ER has become a household name in the past few years due to marketing, high client satisfaction, and services for electronics other than just cellphones,” says Mo. “The secret of its success is we try to strategically market to customers, subsequently winning more word-of-mouth referrals. Also, while other repair stores employ the cheapest materials and parts to basically slap a band-aid, we strictly use high-quality material and complete work in a reasonable time frame,” he further shared.

Eventually, not only did he succeed in cellular retail, but having established Cell ER as a leading enterprise, he progressed towards other industries. Having been fond of dogs since childhood, Mo invested in a dog breeding business and founded FrenchBabyBullz.

Inundated with swarms of adorable fluffy and muscular bulldogs and little bullpups, FrenchBabyBullz is a pioneer in breeding unique bulldog breeds with proven and tested DNA. Moreover, it also offers new shades for their fur, some rarely seen across the country, and AKC registered papers to its clients. Having been in the business for years, the company has created a huge family of bulldog lovers, comprising their suppliers, buyers and clients. “Whoever adopts a bulldog from here, becomes a part of our ever-increasing, like-minded and dog-adoring family,” says Mo.

It is this centuries-old love for these little loyal companions that drives Mo to scout for new locations to expand FrenchBabyBullz. He revealed that they are actively investing in new facilities and different properties across the States to continue building and growing their Frenchies’ special business. Mo said that if they have something unique in store, he would love to offer it to the entire country and perhaps also beyond it.

“Big plans are afoot, and now I can only say that it’s a wait-and-watch game,” he says, adding that the fans will not be disappointed with whatever they are going to introduce.

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