Devi Ward Erickson Shares the Best Possible Outcomes from Tibetan Five Elements Practices to Heal Your Body and Soul

Tibetan 5 Element Tantric practices have been used for centuries to address physical and emotional blocks, heal traumas, and bring balance to body, mind, and spirit. Devi Ward Erickson is an author, healer, and Tibetan Tantra practitioner, determined to make a difference in people’s lives through these ancient practices. Her comprehensive guide, “Tantra is Medicine,” distills her understanding of how these ancient modalities can heal your body and soul. 


Devi’s journey began when, as a child, she experienced traumatic events that led to deep-seated physical and emotional blocks. Drawing on her own experiences, she has spent the last decade immersed in studying the Tibetan Tantric healing tradition. She combines this ancient wisdom with modern science to demonstrate how we can use these five elemental Tantric practices to heal our bodies and souls.

The Tibetan Five Element practices are rooted in the idea that when we can balance our internal energy system, we can move through life with greater ease and joy. Through practice with the five elements of space, air, fire, water, and earth, you can shift your perspective from seeing your body as a separate entity to seeing it as part of a larger system of energy and consciousness. 

In her book, Devi explained how to work with the Five Elements to bring healing and balance into our lives. She taught us how to use color therapy, visualization techniques, breathwork, and other tools to help us access the healing vibrations of these elements. 

According to Devi, each element has a corresponding color, shape, and mantric sound that, when chanted aloud, awakens the corresponding elemental energy in your body and surroundings. For instance, red is associated with fire energy, so wearing red can help activate the fire energy around you and energize you. Similarly, wearing green connects you to the air element and lets you relax if you feel weighed down. 

Furthermore, Devi elaborated on how one can establish a direct link to the elements through the natural environment. Walking in the woods, for example, can enrich your earth and air energies while lying in the sun can do the same for your fire energies, and so on. Devi says these exercises may seem simple but profoundly affect one’s body and soul. 

“You may simply notice a feeling of more peace and calm as you go through your daily life, or less conflicting thoughts arising and less negative self-talk,” claims Devi. 

The book Tantra is Medicine thoroughly analyzes how the Tibetan Five Element Practice can be applied to treating physical, mental, and spiritual ailments. It is a must-read for anyone looking to unlock the hidden power of their body and soul and find their way back home. Click here to order your copy today. 

To know more about Devi Ward Erickson, visit her website or follow her on Instagram.

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