Web3 Influencer Jay Iverson Talks about the Importance of Side Hustles and Financial Freedom

It is an inevitable reality; the Internet will essentially see a paradigm shift and become based on Web3, which allows more privacy because of Artificial Intelligence. The main objective of AI is the faster achievement of goals, providing data to the end user which is more relevant and specific. Jay Iverson is a web3 influencer from Germany focused on helping people gain financial independence through web3, crypto insights, and side hustles.

Not every child aspires to gain independence from financial worries at an early age; most don’t even think about the notion until they finish their studies. It wasn’t the case for Jay, though, as he wanted to earn his way in the world from a very young age. He was just 6 when he made his first earnings from selling Christmas decorations that he made all by himself using dead tree bark from his own yard.

When he was just 14, Jay self-learned the art of trading stocks but soon got interested in Bitcoin. Realizing that there was massive potential for crypto in the German market and there wasn’t much help available for learning everything about cryptocurrencies, he started writing a beginner’s book for anyone trying to understand crypto. Soon after, he realized that helping people learn through video content would be a much better option, so he started TikTok channels.

The English version of those channels started gaining immense popularity worldwide. It also helped him gain a huge following and the chance to make money by collaborating with various crypto companies/projects. All of Jay’s achievements happened before he reached his 18th birthday, making him one of the youngest and the most successful web3/crypto influencers and content creators in the crypto landscape.

A powerful advocate of side hustles, Jay talks about multiple online money-making gigs that can help in case you’re broke or just want to make a few extra dollars aside from your regular earnings; he has something for everyone. His TikTok account is full of fantastic ideas that he believes can help create additional profits for people of all age groups.

If you successfully achieve financial freedom, you can have more time to invest in tasks that you love, and they can be those life-long dream projects you always wanted to see coming to fruition. Jay’s career choice has been monumental in deciding how he gets to spend his time now that he’s a successful content creator and influencer. He plans on focusing his time on creating web3 project or becoming a part of a project that appeals to him in the future.

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