Why Shehera Barnes, an Intuitive Healer and Coach, Is Encouraging People to Discover Their Spiritual Prowess

Twenty-five years ago, Shehera Barnes discovered her admiration for mindful practices such as yoga and meditation. She was adamant about exploring how these practices connected to her on a deeper level. However, her journey wasn’t without bumps on the road; it took her years until she learned of the interconnection between her mind, body, and spirit. Since then, Shehera decided to utilize her discoveries to help people who may be suffering at the hands of spiritual or emotional afflictions.

“I knew that we had the power within us to heal ourselves. We simply need to get in touch with what we were never taught and stay connected to our own innate gifts,” says Shehera. Using wisdom obtained through decades of struggle, Shehera has launched various services to help heal the soul. Her healing center, known as “Anahata Holistic Healing,” is a one-of-a-kind experience for all looking to transform themselves.

One of her highly appraised programs, the Quantum Ascension Mentorship Program, helps guide people to hone in on their gifts. It has been created in such a way as to help clients find their purpose, build meaningful businesses and relationships and, as quoted by Shehera, “build the life of their dreams with ease and grace.”

Shehera extends unconditional support to her clients throughout her programs. She believes that habits are not formed and unlearned overnight. Thus, she makes an extensive effort to understand her client’s behavior patterns and utilizes this information to build programs that would best fit their needs.

One of the practices Shehera gives due attention to is spiritual awareness. She believes spirituality allows you to self-reflect and helps you understand your true nature. Through her various transformational services, Shehera is assisting her clients in becoming their own spiritual masters and gurus.

Years of experience have taught Shehera that each soul is filled with gifts far more valuable than the materialistic endeavors of this world. And the reason why spiritual awareness brings a person peace is because it answers the mysteries of life – it helps you achieve love, peace, and happiness.

Shehera helped build a community of spiritually conscious individuals. Her unparalleled dedication to helping others is recognized and appreciated by people around the globe.

You can learn more about her spiritual life coaching services by clicking on the following link.

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