3 Dos & Don’ts in the Recruitment Business, According to Recruitment Influencer Jeremy Jenson

Encore Search Partners is the largest privately held Executive Search firm in Houston, Texas – focused on finding exceptional talent nationwide and grooming them into becoming invaluable assets for their clients. The firm has become a leader in the Houston HR world by leveraging data that helps them target their approach. The founder and CEO, Jeremy Jenson, is regarded as the G.O.A.T headhunter for his exceptional ability to delegate and elevate talented individuals and facilitate businesses finding them.

Jeremy is keen on giving back to the community since he’s grateful for the people who have made his success possible. Besides redefining the hiring business with his uniquely practical approach, Jeremy is an inspirational content creator and a jolly good podcast host. He frequently appears as a guest to share valuable lessons from his incredible success story against all odds. According to recruitment influencer Jeremy Jenson, here are the three dos and don’t in the recruitment business.

Recognize potential & don’t waste it

A successful recruitment process begins with recognizing potential, which is not always easy. Some of the most talented candidates may be difficult to identify because they haven’t had the proper guidance to realize their potential yet. Jeremy is an excellent headhunter because of his eye for talent. Over the years, Jeremy’s success has resulted from recognizing his potential and refusing to let his limitations waste it.

Support, don’t hinder

Talented people are hard to come by. Talented people who are dedicated to refining their talent are even rarer. Jeremy believes it is his calling to find out such people and support them in pushing the limits of their exceptional potential. His philosophy is based on his life experiences and has constantly resulted in his success. Jeremy believes in fostering a supportive environment for himself and others.

The recruitment influencer credits his success to realizing responsibility for his own life early on. He motivates others to believe in themselves and take on new challenges to learn from. He suggests getting out of the way of other people and empowering them to be the ones in control so that they can give their absolute best. His method inspires confidence in his recruits and encourages them to grow.

Sharing in success

Sharing is caring, but it goes beyond that. When people see you as selfish and arrogant, they’re unlikely to support you. But the sustainable success that keeps growing is always a result of sharing it. People will make you successful when they know you’d help them succeed as well. That’s how some of the world’s largest businesses continue to grow.

As an HR influencer, Jeremy is aware that the recruitment business is about creating success stories of others to create your own eventually. That’s what he continues to do not only in the business world but also in his social life by being a valuable member of the Houston community.

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