Why does a hangover occur? These are the alcoholic beverages that best and worst support this effect

The weekend arrives and possibly for many Spaniards the last cataloged within the summer . Already fully on the way back to work, that is why those last hours will feed the last vacation drinks in many bars and houses . Parties and social gatherings where there will be alcohol … with its subsequent hangover the day after.

Always within moderation and respecting the safety and health of other people, alcohol consumption is one of the events most linked to the weekend. Meetings in the most faithful bar or lunches and dinners that are prolonged in a restaurant or in a house, the beers, drinks or wines leave a good moment with a terrible subsequent consequence .

Known as hangover, although the medical term is veisalgia , this picture of general discomfort generated by excessive alcohol consumption is more frequent in people with lower body and muscle mass . More common, or easier to occur, in women than in men, this is because the male liver processes and breaks down substances in alcohol more efficiently and quickly.

All of this is a consequence of the fact that alcohol dehydrates the body , preventing the production of antidiuretic hormone, which causes blood sugar to drop . Therefore, you are more thirsty, there is a greater generation of urine and, with the passing of the hours, everything leads to the traditional headache, amnesia, vomiting or muscle pain.

Which drinks generate the most hangover?

Some effects that, except for the ‘miraculous’ trick of not consuming alcohol in excess (depending on the person has one level or another) are inevitable when push comes to shove. However, there are a number of drinks that are more prolific at generating hangovers.

And it is because this specifically affects blood sugar, it is also in the fermented sugar of one alcohol or another where the key to its effects is. Also in its yeasts and congeneric substances (methanol, histamine or acetaldehyde), generally all are found in a higher proportion in dark drinks (less distilled).




 Red wine.

And which ones less?

In contrast, white drinks, always in moderation, are less likely to generate this veisalgia. In addition, it is convenient to know that the widespread saying that mixing different alcoholic beverages causes major symptoms , has no scientific proof and is therefore a myth.



 White wine.


Hangover remedies

Although the best remedy is not to consume excessive alcohol, and to avoid any drink with a graduation greater than 14%, the consumption of food (especially foods that contain cysteine, such as eggs) or water and isotonic drinks (for the dehydration) reduce hangover risks. Likewise, ibuprofen is the best cure against posterior headache, while paracetamol is not recommended, since its effect can be reversed towards toxicity.

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