Why Be Stressed When You Can Achieve While Having Fun – a Mantra by Thoughtful Influencer John Holowaty

For those who take life too seriously, Jean Racine says, “Life is a comedy to those who think, a tragedy to those who feel.” You might have come across many situations where you felt stressed or overwhelmed, then laughed about it later in life. Living is all about having fun as you grow. 

Instagram Influencer John Holowaty(@john.holowaty) says it is simpler and easier to live with a fun flow to life. Hardships are part of life. If you feel too much, it’s like falling into a black hole filled with negativity. John never took life seriously, and look where he is now: thriving as an accomplished fitness entrepreneur, content creator, and personal trainer. He is ‘financially free.’ 

The thing about regular jobs or stressing over business ideas is that it severely deteriorates mental health. John always urges his followers to prioritize their physical and mental health before anything else. 

Out of all stressors, the biggest stressor is financial freedom and every individual aims for it. It takes decades of savings; for some, it takes only years due to profitable investment. John is one of those successful people who sacrificed seven years to become financially free and enjoy life. But he had fun doing it because he was passionate about it. 

Like most people, John also used to stress over finances. It was hard to work 80 hours a week as a personal trainer. He loved personal training, but it caused him financial problems. So, how did John solve it? He took the simpler path: opening an additional business in the networking industry. 

Initially, it was tough to get even one customer; his first paycheck was £16. Despite having little to no income, John had his fun. He would hold events, invite his friends, and party around, and slowly his network of distributors and customers increased with time. The reason was simple: John had a clear vision, and his earnings or mistakes didn’t matter. He met different experts took assistance from the learned, tried out new strategies, and traveled abroad, anything that could bring opportunities to grow his business, but most importantly, John had fun with everything he did. 

Instead of stressing over his mistakes, John learned from them. He had fun moments to share during this process, met good friends, and established a healthy lifestyle along the journey. It was that easy and simple; hardship was nothing but a small stone to kick away. Now, John is the leader at Juice Plus and an influencer on a mission to inspire other people with their businesses. His book Between Fear and Fortune aims to empower the readers to live life on their own terms by learning the truth about network marketing.

As an influencer with more than 30k followers, @john.holowaty introduces you to the world of business and personal development. His content focuses on one message: putting passion into everything you do, enjoying the process, and learning to grow. Keep it simple and clear. 

So, if you are someone stressing over achievements in life, remember the mantra: Why be stressed when you can achieve your dreams while having fun!

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