Two Softwares Products by InsMark®, Founded by Robert Ritter, Can Be a Golden Goose for Your Insurance or Estate Business

InsMark was founded in 1983 by Robert Ritter to help insurance advisers present their products to clients more efficiently and demonstrably. The products that the company introduced in its product line aimed to make the company’s vision a reality and simultaneously improve the quality of the presentation of financial data. InsMark started its operation solely for this purpose, and the financial community welcomed them.

With phenomenal success, Robert’s InsMark today is helping more than 30,000 financial producers in their business, along with over 100 major life insurance companies that have sponsored its products.

The catalyst behind the astounding success of InsMark is its software which includes Wise and Wealthy® and the InsMark Illustration System.

Wise and Wealthy:

Wise and Wealthy is an analytical system created specifically for financial producers dealing in the retirement, net worth, and estate planning markets. This software has many unique features. One of them is its ability to optimize the use of your client’s assets by using its algorithms to find the best way for your client to use their assets to achieve desired financial goals without the risk of running out of money. The system’s Good Logic vs. Bad Logic® facilitates producers with that logic.

This reasoning is essential because the calculation is simply impossible manually. With the many analytical possibilities that Wise and Wealthy offers, financial advisers can significantly increase their sales and revenue by offering the quickest and most intelligent post-retirement financial solutions for their clients.

You can explore more about Wise and Wealthy by going through these links:

InsMark Illustration System (IIS):

The InsMark Illustration System is one of the most effective and unique products in the insurance world. IIS is a presentation system that allows life insurance producers and other advisers to create sales or marketing presentations for their clients. It won’t be wrong to say that this system is the gist of InsMark. With these easy-to-understand illustrations, advisers can close more cases than ever, as has been admitted by various InsMark clients in their testimonials.

This system offers comparisons, financial calculators, estate illustrations, charitable strategies, personal needs analysis, and much more. All of its tools are surprisingly user-friendly.

Read one of Robert’s blogs featuring the InsMark Illustration System.

These two software systems are jewels in the crown of InsMark and will prove to be highly profitable for the company. If you run any financial business and are not using InsMark, you are well-advised to reconsider your decision.


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