The Success Story of Attorney, Wine Collector and Instagram Influencer, John Jackson

Wine collectors can often pick out rare bottles that can be of value and profit. Some wine collectors pick wines for their cellars as a hobby, and John Jackson is one of them. He shares his collection and wine reviews with his growing, global audience on social media.

John began his career as an attorney and continues to represent many well-known clients in patent litigation, which is a highly competitive field. He has represented top companies in bet-the-company litigation as a partner of a big law firm.

As an attorney, John attended various events and business dinners where wine was served.  It is these dinners that first triggered his interest in wine. Shortly after trying Opus One for the first time, John began reading about Napa Valley and took a trip to immerse himself in the region. This is where John’s journey as a wine collector began.

Since that first trip to Napa, John has traveled to numerous wine-producing regions all over the world.  Now, he shares his experiences with new wine lovers by making content with tips about wine travel to various regions on YouTube (Attorney Somm). John also writes extensively about wine on his popular Instagram page (@AttorneySomm) and helps his followers enrich their wine knowledge.

John’s reviews can be of value to wine collectors regardless of whether they are purchasing for profit or personal pleasure. John’s recommendations for his favorite wines at specific price points (e.g., $100) have been particularly well received. John has an Instagram following of 17.1k+ followers that like to see his blog and review posts.

John engages his followers by doing Instagram live shows at various wineries and invites wine experts to appear on his YouTube channel. The discussion on various wine collection topics is insightful for wine collectors because they can understand the various wines in more detail, including the most appropriate time to enjoy each wine and how long it will take for the wine to reach its optimum drinking window.

The successful journey of John Jackson as a wine collector wasn’t easy. He learned through many mistakes and missteps to become a recognized wine influencer. In addition to his practical experience, John pursued formal wine education through the Wine Spirit & Education Trust (WSET) and recently obtained the prestigious level 4 certification (DipWSET). John is motivated to share his wine education and experience with everyone through social media platforms; instead of keeping it for himself.

John has become an inspiration for many wine lovers and teaches them to try out new wines at a variety of price points. Whether it is a birthday date or a business dinner, he posts well-researched and detailed reviews to plan food pairings with wine flavors for his followers that are perfect for the occasion.

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