The fashion for the coffee grinder is back: Lidl has one on offer for only 30 euros

As Spain is one of the most coffee- growing European countries, the growth of capsule machines powered by Nespresso and other large companies has led to a radical change in their consumption. Especially in homes, the more traditional coffee machines that boiled or crushed the bean have passed away . However, Lidl has one that has put the classic back in vogue.

One of Italy’s best-known specialty coffee makers , De’Longui , has partnered with Lidl to take the German chain’s customers back in time. Specifically with an electric grinder coffee maker , those outside of modern machines are in luck.

This product makes coffee thanks to its stainless steel blade , which grinds the beans until they are fit for consumption. Capable of storing up to 90 large beans , just grind as much coffee powder as you need.

Features and price

In addition, it has a power of 170 watts with which it manages to cover up to 12 cups of coffee in just one container and is easy to use thanks to a button that activates the electrical mechanism. Therefore, it must be plugged into the electrical network, to finalize the memory of the times when modern machines did not exist.

Weighing just 1.15 kilograms , Lidl has this coffee maker 14% off its original price. Thus, it is available only online and for 29.99 euros plus 3.99 euros of shipping costs that give a true guarantee of a well-ground coffee that is ready to serve. 

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