Serving through Science and Art: Dr. Ross Blagg’s ‘Plastic Surgery Road Trip’ Initiative Is a Hope for Many

It is true that the ongoing pandemic, which is still rampant in many parts of the world, slammed the door on scores of activities around the world. But at the same time, the world saw heaps of unique instances of creativity amidst the chaos. The Plastic Surgery Road Trip project by Dr. Ross Blagg counts as one of them.

Produced by Lyfe in Plastic Productions, Plastic Surgery Road Trip is a docuseries that follows the philanthropic adventures of Dr. Ross Blagg. On every trip, Dr. Ross invites a new buddy to join him to experience a fun-filled American road trip. And this is where philanthropy and adventure truly meet. The duo’s road trip antics are filled with trying new foods, exploring small-town hotspots, to SCUBA diving in abandoned places. The adventure continues as they meet the “patient” at her home and live a day in her life before offering her a plastic surgery procedure that will change her life. Next, the patient arrives in Austin, TX for surgery and we get to watch the makeover happen.

Instafamous fitness coach Jessica (@warrior_jessica_slashes_fat) is one of the inspiring patient stories. She was 354 pounds before she started hitting the gym to lose weight. After an unwavering struggle and steadfast determination, she lost weight but faced some excess skin issues. Dr. Ross Blagg followed her story on social media and decided to make her a  “Plastic Surgery Road Trip” participant. Dr. Ross and his best buddy, Jackson Carter (“Biggest Loser” season 13) road-tripped to Houston, TX and surprised Jessica with free skin removal surgery.

Watch the Jessica episodes of PSRT on YouTube.

Dr. Ross Blagg began PSRT in the wake of COVID-19, as before the pandemic, Dr. Ross frequented overseas countries to provide free surgical care. However, when the borders shut down, Dr. Ross decided to start something that could help others within his own borders. And it turned into a heart-warming, adventurous and inspiring pursuit.

“It’s a privilege to get to be a part of these stories and journeys,” says Dr. Ross. “PSRT allows me to really get to know the patient and to help someone who might not have been able to afford surgery on their own,” he further added while sharing his thoughts on PSRT.

While the pandemic has brought grief and pain for so many, it’s inspiring to see someone rise up out of the ashes with something so refreshing and with such grace and humanity. It’s no doubt that Plastic Surgery Road Trip will be one example of the silver lining, and we look forward to continuing the journey with Dr. Ross.

Follow along on YouTube, and follow the daily adventures of Dr. Ross on Instagram: @dr.rossblagg.

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