Renowned Influencer Jadejha Edwards talks about Childhood Experiences That Changed Her Life

We carry the unattended trauma from our childhood in our lives as we transition to adulthood. It might lead us down a path where we succumb to the world’s unfairness, or we can stand up, persevere, and grow despite such challenges. Jadejha Edwards is one such individual who moved forward despite growing up in abusive and unstable family dynamics. 

Experiencing violence as a teen, Jadejha was raised in a neglectful household where she endured countless traumatic occurrences. However, these upsetting circumstances significantly impacted her life and helped her to move forward in her quest for better things.     

One significant turning point in Jadejha’s life was when she joined ‘Starting Right, Now – a non-profit organization dedicated to providing a stable environment to homeless kids by helping them overcome their struggles. This program improved the influencer’s life and encouraged her to strive for a better living. She cherishes and fondly remembers the time she spent with her siblings and the unbreakable bond they developed amidst life’s challenges. Despite being raised in a toxic household, Jadejha carries the same love and respect she had for her parents to date.

In fact, according to Jadejha, her childhood experiences built her resilience and propelled her to take charge of her life to reach higher ground. ‘Because of the life difficulties I experienced during my childhood, I truly understand that life is a blessing, and with this blessing, I want to help people around me,’ shares the influencer.

Jadejha’s tumultuous childhood taught her much more about life, helped her move forward, and gave her the courage to connect with different people. Those enduring times came as lessons in disguise, enabling her to withstand every obstacle and succeed professionally and personally.

As a result, Jadejha has earned her name as a cybersecurity engineer, an exceptional content creator, and a public speaker today. To see how Jadejha is making a positive impact on society and helping the young generation break into the tech world, follow her on Instagram @itsjadejha.

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