Protection Specialist Byron Rodgers Is Making the World a Safer Place to Live

The world as we know it can be wonderful and magnificent. However, there are many aspects that aren’t as positive and can catch one off guard. Every individual wants to feel safe in their day-to-day lives without worrying about the dangers lurking in the corners. To make the world safer, many institutions and personnel worldwide are committed to making the world safe; one such personality includes the war veteran and protection specialist Byron Rodgers.

Rodgers has seen misery firsthand while serving in the US Marine Corps in Iraq, where he also had an extremely close encounter with death. After leaving the military, he found his passion in serving and protecting the people. His journey in the protection industry started as a bodyguard for a private security company. A few years later, Rodgers founded multiple businesses catering to the protection field – an online community for protectors, an executive protection training platform, a private security company, and a podcast.

The north star for Rodgers’ businesses is to help people learn the art of protection. Rodgers believes that safety and security are one of the most fundamental human rights. We shouldn’t always rely on governing institutions and security personnel to keep us safe as evil and violence are spreading at a rapid pace around the world, making many security measures insufficient. Therefore, everyone should learn how to defend themselves, their family, and their surroundings. “Protectors are the white blood cells in the body of humanity,” states Rodgers.

A common perception related to protection is that only the mighty and robust can keep people safe. Rodgers deems this perception inaccurate and states that hard skills come in handy, but making the environment safe has more to do with one’s soft skills. A person’s soft skills will empower any individual to avoid 90% of life’s dangers/threats without the person lifting a finger or even coming in contact with many of the predators out there. With this vision in mind, Rodgers has dedicated his life to developing courses and tools that help people learn how to protect themselves from the comfort of their homes. While also devising opportunities that give physical training to those who want to know about protection from top to bottom.

Since 2008, Rodgers has had numerous accolades under his belt, including becoming the number one executive protection industry icon, forming the first online executive protection digital school in the world, creating the first online community for protectors worldwide, etc.

In the future, Rodgers wants his company, Protector Nation, to become a non-profit institute that helps people around the globe and provides humanitarian aid to martyred families and victims of child sex trafficking, making the world healthier and happier.

Undoubtedly, Byron Rodgers’ values, motives, and achievements are nothing short of inspiring. Connect with him on Instagram and LinkedIn, and become a protector today.

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