Owner of ‘My Greek Boutique,’ Jazmine Humphrey, Strives to Become the Ultimate Greek Paraphernalia Distributor in the US for Retail

Testing the waters via dropship on Etsy was a fairly new and uncharted territory for the mompreneur, Jazmine Humphrey. However, when her apparel company, My Greek Boutique, gained recognition in the United States, it changed the course of her life for the better. Starting in December 2018, Jazmine was juggling three jobs at once: as a registered nurse, an entrepreneur in the making, and a mother to a three-year-old daughter, Madisyn Ware.

My Greek Boutique’s praise from Etsy was more than enough for Jazmine to advance forward and turn this into a full-time career. In a little over a year’s time, My Greek Boutique turned into an official retail and online store that shipped both nationwide and abroad. As a licensed distributor to fraternities and sororities based in the United States, Jazmine began to rise above other Greek paraphernalia companies due to her original designs and variety of products.

Working as a registered nurse, raising little Madisyn, and turning My Greek Boutique into a stand-alone business was tough. However, Jazmine persevered and eventually resigned from her job as a nurse to focus on her daughter and company. Channeling all of her inner motivations, she launched My Greek Boutique’s official website in December 2019 and opened her retail store in Little Rock, Arkansas, in August 2020.

Instead of relying on bank loans and credit cards, Jazmine funded the program herself, taking complete control over the company’s progress. Moreover, the added touch of original designs has made the advancement worthwhile, with specific care given to every fraternity and sorority’s value, history, and background.

In three years’ time, My Greek Boutique has created and distributed innumerable Greek apparel and accessories for fraternities like Omega Psi Phi and sororities such as Delta Sigma Theta. Catering to these and other notable Greek letter organizations has put Jazmine’s company on the map. It has received acclaim throughout the country and is set to spread its wings even more.

Wishing Jazmine luck on this new yet exciting initiative; it is undoubtedly visible that My Greek Boutique is headed for great things.

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Hattie Romero
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