Makeba White Chanay Explains Why B1 Ventures & Holdings, Inc. Can B the 1 for You

One fact about life we can all agree upon is that it is anything but easy. But fortunately, there are people out there who realize the responsibilities their privileges bring upon them. Makeba White Chanay is one such individual committed to helping make life easier and better for others, especially since she is a woman belonging to a minority who overcame the hurdles to become a celebrated business visionary and community leader.

As the woman behind B1 Ventures & Holdings, Inc. and HER Philosophy, Makeba is an accomplished entrepreneur who is proud of her business endeavors to facilitate and empower the vulnerable and the underprivileged. And as a wife, mother and grandmother, she is a family woman who is proof that women can excel at more than just the roles defined for them by society.

B1 Ventures & Holdings is a healthcare management firm headquartered in Pearl, Mississippi. As the Chairperson of the Board and the Chief Executive Officer, Makeba oversees the three entities of the business. B1 Nursing Care is a home care service provider specializing in providing customized care for the elderly and disabled in the comfort of their homes.  The subsidiary guarantees utmost satisfaction to the clients by educating them and their families with constant communication.

Mississippi School of Health Services & Careers delivers educational opportunities to students by offering certificate programs in the following programs: Certified Nursing Assistant, Certified Medical Assistant, Medical Billing & Coding, Phlebotomy, and CPR. The school also provides certificates and CEUs in COVID-19 and Community Healthcare Worker Training.

Makeba is determined to uplift the marginalized segments of the community she deeply loves. Hence, B1 Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)3, established to support the underprivileged in their educational and professional pursuits by offering scholarships to the students and providing opportunities to the unhoused population to empower them to live better lives.

Born and raised in Forest, Mississippi, Makeba witnessed her grandfather’s entrepreneurship which motivated her to dream of becoming a businesswoman when she was older. Today, as an incredibly successful entrepreneur, Makeba aspires to encourage others to dream big and never settle for the unfavorable circumstances limiting them from realizing their potential.

Whether you want quality care services for vulnerable loved ones or aspire to become a qualified care provider yourself to serve others, Makeba explains that B1 Ventures & Holdings can be the one for you. As somebody who has remained persistent in her pursuits despite the hardships, Makeba believes if you can dream it, you can achieve it. And with B1, she hopes to ensure you do.

Check out HER Philosophy to keep up with Makeba on her journey to impact lives for the better. Blessed with God’s grace empowering her to become a source of inspiration and support to others, Makeba is committed to caring for His children as He cared for her. Since she believes she owes it to the community, especially those in need.

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