Join Brilliant E-designer Joshua Jones on His Journey to Revamp the Interior Design Industry

E-designers have taken the interior design industry by storm. Like all innovations, the formation of E-design has caused quite a disruption. And in the midst of it all stands Joshua Jones on his advent to revamp the entirety of the interior design industry. He is an expert online interior designer with his own E-design firm, JJones Design Co.

His firm is a source of pride and honor for him, and why shouldn’t it be? After all, it results from Joshua’s blood, sweat, and tears. He put his trust in his abilities and decided to open his firm when, as a Deaf individual, he faced nothing but disappointment and discrimination from other design firms. He hasn’t regretted his decision, not even once, especially considering that his leap of faith worked wonders for him.

At the time of Joshua’s firm’s formation, little was known about E-design. This was a source of concern for him, as the burden completely fell on his shoulders to educate his customers on how E-design could turn their life around. It was an arduous task, but someone had to do it.

Going on his eighth year in this industry, the masterful E-designer has about 500 e-design projects under his belt. Joshua’s ability to work with clients nationwide and internationally has been a blessing in disguise. It has enabled him to find clients that genuinely and passionately love and resonate with his work.

There is no doubt that you grow and learn through struggles and hardships; Joshua came to understand this the hard way. Nonetheless, he was blessed with clients and colleagues that enabled him to grow and succeed. Now, he is bearing the fruit of his labor, after years of patience, as he is finally getting recognized by renowned publications for his mastery in E-design.

Some might consider forming connections online a strenuous task, but Joshua has managed to do it quite artfully. Despite communicating with his clients on online platforms, he has skillfully developed deep and meaningful relationships with his clients. This further aids him in his quest to deliver ingenious results. This enables him to get more independent E-design projects and further expand his business.

Joshua is an affluent e-designer with an eye for detail who has already made a name for himself by getting featured on major publications such as CNN, House Beautiful magazine, Business of Home, Apartment Therapy, Hunker, MyDomaine, and Strategist.

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