HR Expert Eric Torigian Strives to Help Companies Grow with Dedicated HR

HR influencers like Eric Torigian are creating new benchmarks for the industry and providing best practices to overcome recruitment challenges. The HR community makes a lot more effort to get the right advice. It is always said – It’s optional to know what to do; instead, you need to know what you should not. In the HR Industry, one must keep themselves updated.

As for Mr. Eric, he has been a trailblazer by helping various businesses and companies to manage their people, align their vision and implement strategies through his simple and proven framework. He prides himself in the ability to learn the business/industry quickly and builds partnerships within the team and the trust of his executive leadership team. His driving passion as an executive is to help companies leverage their strategic business plan, empower their people and emerge as best-in-class organizations with exceptional results.   

 Moreover, Eric has a broad domestic and international leadership experience in all aspects of HR in public and private companies, labor relations and union avoidance, cultural transformation, people development and leadership, organization design, and change leadership. Adding another jewel to his crown, he possesses an outstanding track record of proven results that have driven more excellent enterprise value and advanced top-line growth while reducing operating costs. 

 Eric has expertise across many different organizations – global and domestic, public, private, union and non-union environments. He has worked in several industries, including automotive, manufacturing, consumer products, technology, sales, and field-based organizations.

Noting how small and mid-sized businesses are the backbone of the economy, Eric notes that entrepreneurs and investors work for companies with under $100 million in revenue and less than 1,000 employees. Still, companies typically do not invest in HR. As an HR influencer and advisor, Eric has consistently made sure that every employee has a chance to love their job.

Hiring top-level strategic HR for small businesses, his vision is to build a portfolio of companies and deliver HR services through a constellation of HR providers. Hiring executives, including HR Directors, managers, administrators, and specialists, he fractionally provides their services to his portfolio companies.   

Eric’s company, CHRO solutions, has grown to almost seven figures in revenue, despite being in the market sphere for only eleven months. Given the company’s unique business model, Eric believes it will scale with relatively fixed costs.  

One of Eric Torigian’s core values is to reinvest in communities and make a difference in as many lives as possible. Alongside his team, he has already had an opportunity to be the title sponsor for a STEAM Faire which showed close to 1000 k-12 students the world of possibilities. Focused on educating HR leaders, Eric is determined to help people have a positive experience in the workplace and is committed to making a difference in the lives of the forthcoming generation.

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