Empowering the Masses: Naomi Ekindi Is an International Model with a Desire to Uplift Her Community

We are made to live, work, and coexist within a community in order to thrive. Community interactions inspire members to promote a sense of group connection and self-discovery while encouraging them to attain greatness. Unfortunately, some communities don’t witness their true potential because they are marginalized, including people of color and LGBTQ+. 

Each identity faces its own struggles, especially the people of color who also identify as queer. As a French woman of color and queer representative, Naomi Ekindi wants to use her modeling platform to make the lives of the unrepresented easier and better and is working to uplift her community. 

For a long time, queer people and people of color have been subjected to stereotypes and prejudice, which has impacted their lives and limited their opportunities to flourish. They have been judged and scrutinized every step of the way because of their color and sexual identity. 

Naomi believes that every individual, irrespective of caste, creed, color, or identity, deserves to be seen, valued, and heard. Thus, she utilizes her social media presence and represents her communities, showing people like her that achieving success and dreams can also be their reality. Contrary to popular belief that modeling is all about having a pretty face, Naomi doesn’t wish to limit her modeling career to flaunting her looks and making money; this superficial notion doesn’t fit right with her. Her ultimate life goal is to influence her audience positively, change mindsets and create a safe and welcoming space for each person. 

What sets Naomi apart from others in the modeling industry is her determination to bring about a change in others’ lives while creating a successful career for herself. Through her success, she aims to convey to her audience that being a queer woman of color is not her weakness but rather her strength – the strength to be and do better. 

Whether it is through modeling, writing, or acting, Naomi wants to positively influence people and encourage them to accept themselves and climb the ladder of accomplishment. Naomi’s success with Dior, Missoni, and Zadig has inspired people of color and LGBTQ+ to make it big in the fashion world, too; they need passion, dedication, and hard work. 

Breaking conventional barriers at only 19, Naomi Ekindi is just getting started. She is set to leave her mark on the world, and we wish her all the best.

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