Author Lisa Collins Shares Insights on Spirituality and Racial Trauma through Her Podcast Show

Racial trauma is a serious problem among many people of color. Despite spreading awareness, the world continues to hate and discriminate based on race. To deal with this dilemma, Lisa Collins steps out by releasing her podcast show: Love and Light with Dr. Lisa: Everyday Living in Peace. She is an author, influencer, motivational speaker, and racial healing expert. Lisa highlights the importance of racial healing and how spirituality can help in this process.

Lisa has been analyzing racial trauma for a long time now. She began this research to study herself through autoethnography, which led to shocking and mind-blowing results. Lisa observed through the data that she experienced 5x racial trauma than healing, hindering her tasks of daily life very profoundly.

The research materials were emails, poems, pictures, and plays as artifacts. Using the STAR method for healing, Lisa derived research findings relevant to her and other people.

One of the most critical parts of Lisa’s research representing her professional career is organizational trauma. She never knew that the systematic oppression was deeply engraved in organizations, and unless eradicated, it would continue to erode society. Through her experience and research, now, Lisa understands the sentiments of people of color, especially Black Americans, in white-dominant organizations.

The Podcast show is Lisa’s effort to put out her research in the world. Her main aim as an influencer is to raise racial awareness in people so that they can live worry-free lives.

Lisa leads listeners to adopt healing to face their racial trauma. In one of her podcast episodes, Healing From Racial Trauma with Guest Dr. Lisa Collins, she talks about how racial harm and racial relations can affect society from progressing forward. When asked how Lisa personally dealt with racial trauma, she shared, “I connected with myself spiritually. I did meditations to connect with my body and just grounded myself with the question ‘Who are you?'”

As an author and influencer, Lisa’s role is to dig up the bud and throw it away for the community to bloom into oneness. She’s doing it through her podcast, writing, and public speaking. Lisa has been invited to speak about racial trauma and her research at many conferences; the most recent was the Equity Summit 2022 Rising Together, Panelist Virtual Conference, Exploring the Intersection of Race, Equity and Mental Health.

Lisa’s spiritual journey to recover from racial trauma is quite valuable for people of color and non-people of color. Her book Love of Light: A Guide to Peace and Oneness helps readers connect spiritually. It is a step-by-step guide to finding self-love and peace within yourself through spirituality.

According to Lisa, the journey to racial healing starts with knowing yourself, and spirituality offers that space to everyone. She continues to spread this message through her platforms to bring more people towards the right pathway.

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