A Spotlight on the Achievements of Ocean Advocate and Content Creator Jason Borkland

Content creators are redefining social media. While many use the platforms for marketing their brands and businesses, few use them to create a mind shift or subtly awaken human consciousness.

Jason Borkland is a rising voice in the world of marine conservation and, over a short span, has managed to achieve so much. Today, the top diver, videographer, and content creator pledge to play a significant role in marine conservation because that is the only way to secure the future of our planet.

Raising voice for the oceans.

Jason is among the powerhouses that use the spiraling popularity of social media to speak for the oceans. He encourages and inspires personal and political action to preserve these wonders of the world through his work as a content creator, technical diver, and affiliation with marine life conservation organizations. From sharing breathtaking imagery of undersea creatures to reshaping the viewer’s mindset of oceanic animals, Jason is definitely on a conservation mission and is not coming slow.

Certified Divemaster and tech diver for the deep

The PADI certified Divemaster holds EFR, O2, and Nitrox certifications and uses his skills to support others in learning. He has the technical and rebreathing training for deepwater operations, which enables him to help new divers with quality instruction and provide them with the most supportive introduction to diving. Aside from that, Jason couples his diving skills with exception photography and videography. His captivating underwater images and videos have won him the GoPro award several times.

Swimming with the majestic life underwater

His list of achievements is endless. Jason has expertise in underwater tagging of

Tiger Sharks, Hammerhead sharks, Giant Mantas, and Galapagos sharks. He is also an expert in surgical tagging of the same species. Furthermore, Jason has acquired the permit to handle sharks and Mantas in protected areas of Mexico, Costa Rica, and the World Heritage site Cocos Island.

Saving sharks and wildlife

He is on the board of chairman of the prestigious Fins Attached, a non-profit organization that works to save the ocean and life within the Eastern Tropical Pacific. Jason’s plea to save sharks has affected many people and helped them realize the importance of apex predators in the marine ecosystem. He has successfully advocated and assisted local governments in Mexico and Costa Rica to preserve natural areas against overfishing alongside Randall Arauz. Jason is also a familiar name in numerous film projects and conservation campaigns with Jim Abernethy.

Living life as a dream

Jason believes in living life as a dream, and that is exactly what he is doing. He lives life searching for the next adventure and dares to follow his passions, no matter where it takes him. And from what we know, his love for high adrenaline adventures has taken him to cliff diving in Jamaica, heliskiing in Telluride, performing aerobatic maneuvers, and swimming with sharks in the deep waters of the Caribbean Pacific.

A thorough daredevil, Jason enjoys the thrill of experiencing life in the most challenging ways, and it is perhaps the reason behind his newfound passion for marine research and conversation.

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